Picture This

Song To Myself

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Nachdem sich die Iren von Picture This mit ihrem Ohrwurm „Get On My Love“ in eure Herzen und bis knapp vor die Top 30 der Airplaycharts spielen konnten, freuen wir uns ihre neue Single für Freitag ankündigen zu können. „Song to Myself“ zeigt eine sehr persönliche Seite der Band, bzw. des Sängers Ryan Hennessy: ‘Song To Myself’ at its bare bones is a song about trying to navigate being human and I’m so scared to share it with the world but here we are! It is a personal letter that I wrote to myself that I never intended on sharing with the world. It was in a delicate moment sat on my couch in my living room when the song poured out of me in a matter of minutes. There was an amazing comfort in that as I believed at the time that I was the only person who had these feelings but it turns out I’m not.“

So klingt der neue Song

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