Music News: Anne-Marie

„Perfect to Me"

Ein Song mit Hitpotential

"Perfect To Me“ ist die neue Singleauskoppelung aus Anne-Maries Debütalbum. „Perfect To Me“ hat sich mit seiner positiven Aussage schon bald als einer der Lieblingssong unter Anne-Maries Fans herauskristallisiert. „Perfect To Me“ folgt auf die Erfolgssingles „F.R.I.E.N.D.S“ mit Marshmello (Gold in AT) und „2002“ (ebenfalls Gold)!

“So happy to announce the next single from my album #speakyourmind is gonna be ‘PERFECT’. This is my favourite song to play live and seeing your reactions to it. All I want is for people to feel good about themselves and to know you are not alone in how you feel. I wrote this song about 3 years ago when I was feeling low. I watched loads of inspirational people on YouTube talking about body confidence and loving yourself and this song happened. We are all different and that is beautiful. Accept your ‘flaws’ celebrate your differences. Enjoy the song! #perfect”Mittwoch:


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